Announcing the $29 Surf & Turf Every Wednesday at Bull & Bourbon

Announcing the $29 Surf & Turf Every Wednesday at Bull & Bourbon

Enjoy the classic Surf & Turf at Bull & Bourbon Steakhouse for $29!

Not sure what to make for dinner Wednesday?

Dreading that middle of the week slump when you’re too tired to cook but you still need something refreshing? At Bull & Bourbon in beautiful El Cajon, we know just what to do.

For only $29 we are offering our new classic take on Surf and Turf giving steak and lobster lovers alike the perfect combination.

What does this entail?

A juicy delicious 6oz Filet and Lobster tail, seen below.

Bull and Bourbon Surf & Turf $29 Every Wednesday

When is the Surf and Turf special available?

Every Wednesday from 5pm – 10pm. We’re located in the Sycuan Resort & Casino in picturesque El Cajon, CA.

Make Wednesdays your date night where you and your loved one enjoy a much-deserved evening out coupled with Bull & Bourbon’s perfect combination of top-of-the-line food and top-shelf bourbon.

Why choose Bull & Bourbon Steakhouse?

Our menu is unique, providing an authentic array of tastes and mouthfeel coupled with an expansive menu that is expertly prepared.

We know that when life gives you lemons, you should come on down to Surf & Turf Wednesdays and squeeze those lemons over the Maine Lobster complete with any number of toppings such as the herb sourdough crab stuffing. With our seafood rest assured you are getting nothing but local, coastal California lobster.

Pick the Bull & Bourbon sauce of your choice!

With our menu options all of our steaks are not only prepared on a custom wood-burning grill and paired with bourbon to compliment the smells and tastes; we age the products on-site, butcher them in-house, and use top quality ingredients to create a multitude of sauces that you can add to your steak: Red wine sauces, creamy horseradish, bearnaise, and au poivre options are all available to our guests.

Have someone who wants something other than a 6 oz steak?

If there is a member of your family who doesn’t want to partake in our surf and turf deal but they instead want to hand-select a different meat option, rest assured all of our steaks can be mixed with the lobster or any other surf based item on our menu. There are so many options for each dry-aged meat lover in your family. Our Washington-based porterhouse, Kansas-based New York dry aged, bone-in steak or the large ribeye steak are all options you can mix with this deal. Prime steak options of a larger size are also available such as the New York strip steak, the Delmonico ribeye, or the prime rib cap.

Dining with a picky eater?

Not a problem – you can capitalize on our $29 Surf and Turf Wednesday deal while the picky eaters among your group choose from any number of our top of the line menu options.

But the ambience and environment in which your dining experience takes place is truly the icing on the figurative cake, although you certainly won’t want to skip out on our high-quality desserts at the end of the night. Rest assured that Wednesdays will never be the same once you make it a habit of enjoying the new Surf and Turf deal.