Raising the Steaks – The Journey of our Dry Aged Steak

Raising the Steaks – The Journey of our Dry Aged Steak

What is a Dry Aged Steak?

The idea of “dry aged steaks” is one used throughout the food industry, but no two restaurants are the same. Without an industry- wide standard for the aging process used, each chef is left to their own devices. But in our case, that means we have the opportunity to raise the steaks. 

The process itself is quite simple: in effect you hang or place a primal or sub-primal cut of beef on a rack and leave it in a controlled environment to age. The room in which the meat is stored needs proper air circulation with clean air only of course, temperature controls, humidity controls, and UV lights for the optimum aging effect. 

Dry Aged Steak - Bull & Bourbon

What Makes an Aged Steak at Bull & Bourbon Different?

At Bull & Bourbon, steaks are our primary goal. We make it a point to serve only the best selections of all around good meat. Anyone can throw a steak on the grill, but not everyone can put their steaks through the aging process like we do. 

At the start, our dry aged steaks have to be carefully culled. Only the best selections of beef can be used for such a process because of the higher fat distribution. The selections used in our restaurant are not usually available outside of high end steakhouses or butcher shops. We go out of our way to pick only the best. 

As the process begins and the meat ages, it causes the beef to lose water content which heightens existing flavors. Natural enzymes contained in the beef break down, a process that tenderizes the meat without us having to hammer away in the kitchen. It also makes the flavor even richer. 

Don’t be frightened by the next stage in the aging journey. It is actually part of the final touch. Here, the meat starts to develop mold growth along the outside. This mold is not dangerous but it does create a crust around the meat. 

When you pick your selection of meat and we start the preparations, that mold is cut away at the time of butchery and tossed out. But in the interim, it complements the natural enzymes that break down, tenderize, and add flavor to the meat. This means the final selection is even more tenderized and even tastier. 

Varieties of Aged Steak for Every Age and Pallet

On our menu, there are selections of steak that have been aged for various lengths of time, offering mouth-watering items for veteran steak aficionados and novices alike. The typical process takes between 30 to 45 days, and the results are satiating. But, we go beyond that and include menu items that have been aged for 60 or 90 days, and for those who want the intense flavor (and aren’t frightened by the high cost) there are 120 day ages too. 

So whatever you prefer, make your reservation and come on down to Bull & Bourbon, located in the exuberant Sycuan Resort Casino, to try your selection of choice. Complement your dry aged steak with an equally compelling glass of bourbon!