Start Your Week Right with Prime Rib Sundays at Bull & Bourbon

Start Your Week Right with Prime Rib Sundays at Bull & Bourbon

Sink Your Teeth Into Prime Rib Sundays at Bull & Bourbon

For a steak lover, there’s nothing more decadent, more exquisite than a piece of premium beef that practically melts in your mouth and bursts with juicy flavor. It the texture, the flavor, the entire experience that matters when you’re someone that loves a juicy steak, and it’s an experience that few have mastered the art of creating. 

When you have a craving for beef, your taste buds won’t be satisfied until the craving is met. The challenge is finding a restaurant or steak house in El Cajon that understands the fine art of preparing the perfect slice of beef. Of all the places you could go to satisfy your craving, Bull & Bourbon is the restaurant known for “raising the steaks”, and they prove it with their Prime Rib Sundays.

Prime Rib Sundays at Bull & Bourbon

Bull & Bourbon, in their relatively short life, has earned a reputation as being the place to get an incredible steak in El Cajon. They’re known for preparing their steaks to perfection on a custom wood burning grill, which imparts a flavor that brings out the very best in every cut of beef that touches the kitchen. You’ll find premium cuts of protein on the menu every day of the week at Bull & Bourbon but there’s something a little extra special about Sundays. 

Every Sunday, you can join Bull & Bourbon for something that’s nothing short of a steak lover’s extravaganza. Sundays are prime rib day at Bull & Bourbon in El Cajon, and it’s when you’re going to be able to sink your teeth into the most tender cut of prime rib, accompanied by your favorite accoutrements, all for only $29. 

In being completely honest, this is an incredible value for any steak prepared in the kitchen of the Sycuan Casino Resort’s premier steakhouse. However, when you consider that we’re talking about a premium cut of tender, juicy prime rib – well, the offer just became too tempting to turn down. 

Sycuan Casino Resort - Steak at Bull & Bourbon

A Little Something Special to Accompany Your Prime Rib Dinner

When you walk into Bull & Bourbon for prime rib Sunday, we know that you’re looking for an experience. It isn’t just about the mouth-watering prime rib that’s placed in front of you, it’s also about the atmosphere, the service, the company, and the drinks. 

At Bull & Bourbon, we’re no strangers to understanding how the right spirit or cocktail can enhance your dining experience, and even help bring out the incredible flavors of your meal. This is why we feature an extensive list of fine, aged bourbons, scotch, and whiskeys to compliment your meal and take your dining experience to a whole new level. 

Whether you’re a whisky aficionado, or have a curiosity that needs to be explored, you can trust that Bull & Bourbon has the exact spirit you’re looking for. Our mixologists are masters and extremely knowledgeable in whisky and the culture that surrounds it. Our attentive staff can suggest the perfect pairing for your meal based on your preferences, ensuring that every nuance of your experience at Bull & Bourbon exceeds your expectations. There’s also an extensive list of wines from around the world, draft beers, and luscious cocktails that are the perfect pairing for your prime rib Sunday meal. 

More About Bull & Bourbon

Bull & Bourbon is tucked inside the luxurious Sycuan Casino Resort, located in El Cajon, California. Being fairly new on the scene, Bull & Bourbon opened earlier in 2019 but it didn’t take long to earn the reputation of being a premier steakhouse in the San Diego area. 

The concept behind Bull & Bourbon is that there are few things in life that compliment each other as perfectly as a pour of bourbon and tender, premium slice of beef. Steak should be an experience, and everything about Bull & Bourbon is designed to enhance it. Bull & Bourbon is a true cut above other steakhouses, and it shows. With a commitment to using locally sourced ingredients, Bull & Bourbon sources their steaks from an in-house butcher program and has a special on-site aging room, for the perfect cut of tender, aged steak. Combined with an extensive drink menu that includes whiskey, beer, wines, and specialty cocktails, you can be sure that your experience at Bull & Bourbon will be like no other. 

Join Bull & Bourbon for Prime Rib Sundays

You can always get an incredible steak at Bull & Bourbon but there’s only one day of the week where you can enjoy the decadence of a prime rib dinner for only $29. This is a steak lover’s dream, and one you shouldn’t let pass you by. RSVP and make your reservations for prime rib Sunday at Bull & Bourbon today.