Things to Know Before You Order Wagyu Beef

Things to Know Before You Order Wagyu Beef

Ordering Wagyu Beef

For steak lovers, Wagyu beef is a bona fide bucket list item. This unique type of beef hailing from Japan is famous for its superior flavor, tender texture, and impressive marbling, and is largely considered a “must try” dining experience.

But while plenty of people have heart of Wagyu beef, few people actually know very much about it. Here, we’ll share some incredible facts about Wagyu beef so that you can be educated on its fascinating past and what to expect when you order it at Bull & Bourbon!

  1. Wagyu beef is Japanese beef.

“Wagyu” translates roughly as ”Japanese cattle” or “Japanese beef”. It’s a particular type of beef that comes from Japan. To be considered authentic Wagyu beef, it must come from Japan, as well as meeting certain standards of quality. How can you know it’s authentic? Since 2007, there has been an official trademark designation assigned to certified Wagyu beef.

  1. It has a long history.

In spite of the fairly recent trademark, Wagyu beef has a long and storied history. Domesticated cattle date back to about 400 BC in Japan, and the tradition of raising them for food has continued since then.

Today, there are four breeds that are approved as yielding Wagyu beef: Japanese Black, Japanese Brown, Japanese Polled, and Japanese Shorthorn.

  1. Wagyu beef has a pedigree.

One thing’s for sure: If you’re enjoying Wagyu beef, you can rest assured it probably has an impressive bloodline. Wagyu beef can be traced back for several generations, since there is a cattle registration system that has been used since the 1920s. There is a 10-digit ID number given to each cow, so the Wagyu status can be certified.

  1. Wagyu beef is not easy to source in the USA.

Live cattle yielding Wagyu beef are banned from export to the United States, so it’s not possible to raise the livestock yielding this specific type of beef in the USA. However, the meat itself is not banned. So while it’s possible to obtain Wagyu beef in the USA, it’s a somewhat prized commodity because it’s somewhat difficult to source. But to those in the know, the unique flavor and superior texture makes it worth seeking out!

  1. The cows are treated respectfully.

There are plenty of stories out there about the special treatment Wagyu beef cows receive, including tales about how they’re massaged daily, fed beer and sake, and how soothing music is played in their holding pens. Unfortunately, these tales are unfounded, though the cows are treated humanely and with respect. They are raised outdoors in their youth, allowed to graze on grass and fed nutritious feed as their age advances.

  1. It’s very fatty.

One of the big draws of Wagyu beef is its impressive amount of marbling. In this case, fat is where it’s at–in terms of flavor, that is. While some might be frightened by the word fat, there’s nothing to fear here. Wagyu beef is said to have as much as 30% more unsaturated fat than traditional Angus cattle, which is part of what gives it such a unique flavor.  

  1. Wagyu is held to high standards.

In Japan, there’s a grading system in place to judge the quality of Wagyu beef. It involves a multi-step process that takes into account things like marbling (which is graded by pattern rather than a percentage), the meat’s color, the texture and degree of firmness, and even the finish of the meat. In short, it’s treated almost like a fine diamond being graded for its clarity and quality!

  1. There’s more than one type of Wagyu beef.

There are different regional types of Wagyu beef out there. Perhaps the most famous one is Kobe beef. Other regional types include Matsusaka beef, Mishima beef, Ōmi beef, Sanda beef, and Yonezawa beef.

Ready to order some Wagyu beef? At Bull & Bourbon, we offer an incredible Wagyu entree on our menu: the Tajima Wagyu Boneless Ribeye. This perfectly prepped steak is the stuff of dreams, and offers an experience steak lovers won’t soon forget.

Conclusion: Wagyu beef is a unique type of beef that tastes unlike anything else. To enjoy this inimitable dining experience, it’s important to seek out a source that offers an authentic product. At Bull & Bourbon, we offer some of the best and most prized cuts of beef on our expansive menu. We hope to see you soon so that you can try our expertly prepared Wagyu beef!


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