Tired of Turkey? We’ve Got the Beef

Tired of Turkey? We’ve Got the Beef

(Source: Bull & Bourbon Facebook page)

Thanksgiving is great and all…but after a few days, chances are you’re tired of turkey leftovers and ready for something different! How bout a nice steak? At Bull & Bourbon, we’ve got the beef…and plenty of it. 

We offer all the classic cuts you look for on a traditional steakhouse menu…as well as plenty of specialty items you won’t see anywhere else. From a steakhouse burger that will make you weep (with joy) to large format steaks to satisfy the hungriest carnivores, we’ve got a variety of different steak and beef-based dishes that are sure to satisfy.

Let’s take a little tour of the offerings so you can see for yourself why B&B is the perfect post-Thanksgiving (and, you know, anytime) destination! 


(Source: Bull & Bourbon Facebook page)

We’ve Got the Beef!

At Bull & Bourbon, our custom wood-burning grill helps coax out maximum flavor from our high quality meats. No matter what you order, it will be prepared with care, helping to capture the moisture and flavor of the meat. For an extra treat, consider pairing your meal with one of our 70+ internationally sourced bourbons or something else from our full bar!

So what kind of beautiful beefy goodness are you craving? Take your pick…here are some of the many tasty dishes to choose from. 

Appetizers and Sandwiches 

For a more casual approach to your meal, these non-steak options still pack plenty of full-bodied beef flavor.

Meatballs: Our Meatballs are an appetizer worth writing home about! They’re made with a mix of pork and beef, and prepared with spicy marinara and parmigiano reggiano. 

French Dip: Our take on the classic! This baby comes on a French roll, and features thinly sliced prime rib, crispy onions, horseradish cream, au jus, and french fries. 

Steakhouse Burger: Why are steakhouse burgers just better? Give it a taste and tell us what you think. This fine specimen of burger comes with smoked cheddar, thick bacon, red miso caramelized onions, and is served on a brioche bun with crispy fries on the side. 

Hand Cut Steaks

When you order one of our hand-cut steaks, you’re in for a treat. Our Chefs know how to cook meat, so you can count on the perfect sear and maximum flavor, no matter how you like it prepared. 

Among our offerings? 

  • 8oz Grass Fed Filet Mignon from Lone Pine Ranch, Northern California 
  • 16oz American Wagyu Center Cut Ribeye from Snake River Farms, Idaho
  • 16oz New York Strip from Creekstone Farms, Kansas
  • 18oz Delmonico Ribeye from Double R Ranch, Washington 

Dry Aged Bone-In

The dry aging process helps condense and heighten the flavors of our high quality steak; leaving the bone in helps maximize the flavor. You can’t miss these steaks! Here’s what we’ve got on offer:

  • 22oz New York Strip from Creekstone Farms, Kansas
  • 32oz Porterhouse from Double R Ranch, Washington
  • 22oz Ribeye Creekstone Farms, Kansas

Large Format 

If you’ve got a lion’s appetite, then flip right to this section of the menu! We’ve got two large format options to choose from. 

36oz Tomahawk Ribeye: Hailing from Creekstone Farms, Kansas, this cut is named for its physical resemblance to a tomahawk. No doubt about it: this ginormous cut of meat is bound to leave you feeling very full and very happy. 

The Ultimate Steak: Dining with a crowd? This is a meal deal on wheels including Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes and two signature sauces. You can order it in a variety of sizes to suit the size of your crew:

  • For 2: 40z
  • For 4: 80oz
  • For 6: 120oz 


(Source: Bull & Bourbon Facebook page)

But Wait, There’s More!

You can further customize your meal in a variety of ways at Bull and Bourbon.

For instance…

  • Did you know that all our steaks can surf? Add some bounty from the sea by adding either Maine Lobster, King Crab, or Jumbo Shrimp to your meal. 
  • Upgrade your steak with sauce! We’ve got Au Poivre, Red Wine, Bearnaise, Creamy Horseradish, and Chimichurri. 
  • Sides galore! Our side dishes are good enough to share the spotlight! From Baked Truffle Mac & Cheese to Twice Baked Potatoes to our insanely good Coconut Creamed Spinach, you’ll definitely find something to round out your meal. 

Take a Trip to Bull and Bourbon! 

After all the kitchen time you logged on Thanksgiving, you deserve a break! It’s the perfect time to relax over a delicious and leisurely steak meal to revive the senses for the busy holiday season ahead. We hope you’ll join us for a post-holiday meal at Bull & Bourbon. Go ahead…make a reservation today and see for yourself why our beef is the best! 


What’s your favorite dish at Bull & Bourbon?