Unveiling the Mystery of the Delmonico Steak

Unveiling the Mystery of the Delmonico Steak

Discover the Delmonico Steak and Why Bull & Bourbon Is the Place to Sink Your Teeth In

You know the feeling when your mouth starts watering for a juicy, flavorful steak that’s so tender it practically melts in your mouth? At Bull & Bourbon, we know that when the craving for a great steak makes itself known, there’s no satisfying it unless you surrender and give in to your desires. When the urge for premium protein strikes, Bull & Bourbon in the Sycuan Casino Resort is the only place you’ll want to be. 

The only question is which steak on their menu that highlights their knowledge in the art of butchery will you choose? There are some great options for hand cut steaks on the menu but there’s no denying that the Delmonico Ribeye is bound to catch your attention. 

Bull & Bourbon Steakhouse features an 18oz Delmonico Ribeye from Double R Ranch in Washington that’s a match for any lover of mouthwatering premium protein. But what is a Delmonico steak you ask? Well, that’s a story that’s shrouded in a little mystery that only a trip back in history can uncover. 

The Origins of the Delmonico Steak

If you’re anything like us, you’ve made premium cuts of protein a life’s passion. There’s nothing like the smell, flavor and texture of a thick, perfectly prepared steak. Maybe you’ve taken your own culinary tours of the best steaks in the area, and if this is the case, you’re certainly familiar with the term “Delmonico”. You’ve seen it on menus, and maybe even sunk your teeth into a nice juicy Delmonico steak, but you’ve never really been sure what the term means. 

Often when premium cuts of protein are discussed, they’re referred to by the part of the steer that the meat is from. For example, you might order a New York strip or ribeye and have very clear expectations about what will be presented on your plate. Delmonico though, this is something entirely different. Rather than describing the cut of meat, Delmonico refers to more a style and tradition in the art of butchery and culinary preparation. 

To answer the question of what a Delmonico steak is, we need to travel back in time – to one of
Manhattan’s most iconic and treasured fine dining establishments. Delmonico’s opened its doors in Manhattan in 1837 and became the nation’s first fine dining establishment. Over time, the menu of Delmonico’s evolved and showcased some now very famous dishes that are named after the place of their origin – for example Delmonico potatoes. Another one of their iconic culinary namesakes? You guessed it – the Delmonico steak. 

Granted, some time has passed since the Delmonico steak was introduced to pleasure seeking carnivores in Manhattan, so there exists some disagreement about which cut of meat was served when a guest ordered the classic dish. If you were to walk into Delmonico’s today (and if you get the chance, you should) and order their signature steak, you’ll come face to face with a tender, thick cut ribeye. 

So, for the sake of argument, we’re going with the authority on the subject and say that a Delmonico steak is thick cut, luscious, premium ribeye that has been prepared with culinary skill and a true love for pure, quality beef. We do offer one piece of advice when ordering a Delmonico steak off the menu for the first time. Unless the menu specifically indicates which cut of meat their Delmonico steak is, it’s always wise to ask since you don’t want any surprises. It’s also smart to ask about the thickness and preparation to ensure the premium piece of protein is going to exceed all your expectations.

Delmonico Steak Reigns Supreme at Bull & Bourbon

At Bull & Bourbon, we know that there’s no way you can rush the process of preparing a premium steak and have it meet the expectations of our guests. We consider the preparation of premium proteins to be a culinary art form, and we take extreme care in bringing out the most delectable flavors in the steaks we prepare for you. 

Our menu features a selection of prime meats, each prepared to order just for you. One of the selections on our menu that we’re most proud of is our Delmonico ribeye, which is 18oz of the highest quality beef you’ll ever have the chance to enjoy. We also feature an extensive collection of bourbons, single malt scotches, and smooth blended whiskeys all for your sipping pleasure when you take the time to visit and enjoy an exceptional meal with us. 

At Bull & Bourbon, we know it’s all about the experience. We invite you to join us and experience the atmosphere, incredible selection of bourbons and the best Delmonico steak you’ll ever sink your teeth into. It’s as easy as making a reservation. RSVP at Bull & Bourbon and get ready to enjoy our Delmonico Ribeye today.