Why Surf & Turf Wednesdays are Unforgettable at Bull & Bourbon

Why Surf & Turf Wednesdays are Unforgettable at Bull & Bourbon

Surf and Turf Wednesdays at Bull & Bourbon Bring Something New to Exceptional Dining in El Cajon

When you think of the absolute apex of the steakhouse experience, what dish comes to mind? At Bull & Bourbon, located in the beautiful Sycuan Resort, we believe the steakhouse experience should be a multi-sensory adventure, which is why we’d be hard-pressed to name just one of the incredible steaks on our menu as the ultimate carnivore’s dream. Maybe this is because the multi-sensory steak house experience isn’t just about an amazing cut of beef. What if it went deeper, to include other incredible proteins – like those that come from the sea?

At Bull & Bourbon, we take our time to carefully prepare our exquisite steaks to your liking on a wood burning grill. But this doesn’t mean that we don’t know our way around from serious seafood. We know that when done right, premium steak and melt in your mouth seafood can be perfect compliments. We might even pat ourselves on the back and say we’ve elevated the combination to an art form, and we’d like to share the beautiful marriage of the two with you. 

At Bull & Bourbon, we’re pleased to invite you in sharing in on this culinary masterpiece with our Surf & Turf Wednesdays. It’s exactly what you need to break your way through the mid-week slump, and here are all the reasons why Bull & Bourbon is going to be on your mind this coming Wednesday. 

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Wednesdays Are the Best Days at Bull & Bourbon

Can’t make up your mind between a flavorful, juicy steak and a perfectly prepared, buttery lobster tail. Well, the good news is that if it’s Wednesday, there’s no reason to beat yourself up trying to make a decision, because you can have both – and you can have them at an incredible value. 

When you dine at Bull & Bourbon for Surf & Turf Wednesdays, you can enjoy the classic combination, no matter what time you walk through our doors. Each Wednesday, we offer our featured surf & turf that includes the tenderest, most flavorful 6 oz filet that has been prepared to your liking, partnered with a delicate and delectable lobster tail. What could make this offer sweeter? How about if we offered it for a mere $29? You can bet that you won’t find a surf & turf meal that even comes close in comparison anywhere in El Cajon. 

There’s just something exceptional about the way that the two different types of premium proteins play off each other. Both are rich and incredibly flavorful in their own ways, but each also has a very distinct flavor profile that lends a complexity to this classic dish. The surf & turf, which has been a staple on restaurant menus across the United States since the mid-1900s, has come and gone several time in the world of culinary trends. 

Some chefs have given their all at attempting to recreate this masterful combination by becoming trendy in their preparation. There’s nothing wrong with a little creativity in the kitchen, but some things are so perfect as is, and there’s really no reason to interfere with this type of perfection. 

Perfect Complements for Surf & Turf Wednesdays

While you might not even need the menu to help you decide what you’re going to eat when you join us next Wednesday, there’s a whole other side of Bull & Bourbon’s personality that’s going to capture your attention. It isn’t just our dinner menu that’s impressive. We also offer our guest an incredible selection of whiskeys and wines as perfect pairings for Surf & Turf Wednesdays. 

Our beverage menu features some of the most sophisticated, drinkable whiskeys for your discriminating palate. Whether you’re in the mood for a bourbon, traditional whisky, or scotch, our impressive selection of spirits is designed to encourage you to sit back, slow down, and enjoy the good things in life. 

That’s not to say that our wine selection isn’t equally impressive. You’ll find an incredible selection of wines from all over the world, with many from our own gorgeous state of California. Should you go with red or white to accompany your surf & turf? Well, that’s a tough call, and we’re likely to encourage you to experiment with both until you find your favorite compliment to your new favorite meal.

Make Your Reservations for Surf & Turf Wednesday Today

You know the idea of a thick, juicy steak and melt in mouth lobster from your favorite restaurant in the Sycuan Casino Resort has your mouth watering. We know you’re looking at your calendar right now, counting how many days until the next Surf & Turf Wednesday at Bull & Bourbon. Our special surf & turf night only comes once a week, so don’t take a chance on missing out on what your heart desires.

Make your reservations at Bull & Bourbon for Surf & Turf Wednesday today. Then the only thing you need to worry about is how to control your craving until the big day arrives!!